March 21, 2011


Last week as I was driving to school I heard statistics given on an early morning talk show that I haven't been able to forget about since. Apparently, some study was recently conducted to find which US cities are the most involved in social networking (involving facebook, twitter, blogging,ect.) Salt Lake City ranked in the top ten of most social network savvy. Although this data surprised me, the information that was given at the end of the segment is the part I haven't been able to forget. After stating rankings for Salt Lake City and a few others among the top ten, they listed El Paso, Texas as the least involved social networking city in the US. Now for the kicker... They then said (roughly quoting), "What researchers said about this statistic is not that El Paso is living in the dark ages, but that 
I have a complex relationship with social networking. Sometimes blogging is really fulfilling, gratifying, and fun. And other times- I get all twisted up inside when I think about. Because, you know, sometimes I find myself seeking for validation through my blog. It's as if I can't possibly experience anything exciting without having my camera there with me to document my upcoming blog post. And then at other times, I try to make things that really aren't exciting or interesting come to life by forcing unnatural photographs and trying to summon rousing words about things that typically are dull and boring.
I like to write. I like to have a reason to take pictures because otherwise- I would NEVER use my camera and document memories that I cherish. I also like to fiddle around on the computer sometimes and develop new technological skills. However, I do not like that at times my blog makes me feel as if I have to prove to you readers that my life is indeed cool, and worthwhile.
Because I know it is. Sometimes my online life becomes my vehicle to prove that I am content with my offline life. Which really... kind of defeats the purpose. Or does it?
"I don't really want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. So goodnight dear void." -Meg Ryan, You've Got Mail

Things in my "offline" life that make me content:
 friends that I adore and see every weekend
this guy
carrying a baby
things that make a home look pretty
signs of spring
dancing 5th graders
dreams of summer
men that inspire my husband to be even better
tears for family that I love and miss so much it hurts
dreams of being a mama
all things bright and beautiful

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