March 22, 2011


Beejer and me have been blessed with the good fortune of being terrific sleepers.
(This photo was taken in Lake Powell two days after we got engaged.)
In fact, we're both such good sleepers, it's not uncommon to find us dozing off in unusual places at unusual times. I often nap in my car in between errands and in my classroom on my lunch break at school. Beejer's mom recently bought BJ a shirt that says, "I live for my afternoon nap." The shirt doesn't even fit him, but she thought it basically summed up his mantra in life. And I'd have to say- it sums up mine as well.
In fact, last year I went through a time where I was really tentative about the idea of having a baby just because I knew that having a kid meant I couldn't rely on my afternoon nap whenever I was tired. I just wasn't ready to give that up! But, whether I like it or not, some things are more important than sleep.
Luckily during my pregnancy in spite of the limited sleep positions, kicking baby, and freakin' crazy dreams, I have discovered a way to still be able to sleep like a champ. 
It starts with a...
"pre-bed time"
and ends with a...


  1. Enjoy that sleep while it lasts. I couldn't ever rely on an afternoon nap with Gwen. The only time I could get things accomplished were during her naps. Somehow you learn to survive off of little sleep, but it takes some adjusting. I can't believe you will be having your baby so soon! I have already gotten Ellie something and am so excited for her to arrive. You have done so well in your pregnancy. She's a lucky girl to come to you and Beej!

  2. You are so sweet Kenze. I'm so anxious for her to come. I can't wait to meet her. You have been such a great example to me in your motherhood. I just hope Ellie's half as cute as Gwen- if she is, we're set! -Elle

  3. True. Just expect to be tired for the next 6 years or so. Some excellent advice- when your baby naps, you nap. It's so easy to want to clean the house or do anything else, but really. . .a tired mommy is cranky mommy, so sometimes I give up working out or making a more elaborate meal if it means a little more sleep. I have NEVER regretted taking a nap! And strangely, your body gets used to getting up every 3 hours in the night, and allows a 5 minute power nap to give you 5 hours of energy. It's a new learning world.