March 29, 2011

Q & A

What do you do to make your house a home?

I clean mine, decorate mine, rearrange mine, organize mine, de-junkify mine, cook good things in mine, love in mine, clean mine again, say prayers of gratitude for mine, hang wreaths on the outside of mine, and reflect back on the time before I had mine when I used to dream about this time... and now here I am, standing in my kitchen using my beautiful pots and pans, changing sheets for a bed that I share, and moving things all around to prepare for our newest addition. 
I hope you love your home, because you know, if you make it so...
the home can be the holiest place on the earth.
And now a photo of mine...

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  1. LOVE this post. I agree with all of the above and I can not get over that you only have 49 days left!!! Yeah for you.