September 1, 2012

Plants to Water

As you may already know, BJ and I live with his parents. They have a beautiful, new home that we are blessed to enjoy. BJ's mom is a busy lady, and travels a lot. When she is away we inherit the duty of watering her plants. This Wednesday Ellie and I got to work early in the morning starting in the backyard, onto the side of our apartment, then to the front, and then finishing with the house plants. With all the planters and pots in and around the house I counted that in total there are
plants to water at the Pugmire residence. Luckily they don't require watering every day, but that's still a lot to keep up with. No wonder Ellie loves the hose so much. She sees her Sweetheart spending a lot of time with one in her hand. Like grandmother, like granddaughter.

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