September 7, 2012


In the last few months Ellie has had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her cousins. Now that she's a little older, and can interact and keep up with the kids a little bit better herself, she likes nothing more than having some playmates around. 
Last week Courtney was here with her family for the weekend and Ellie was pleasantly surprised when Berlynn snuck into our apartment on Friday morning. She played with the three girl cousins (Savannah, the two month old wasn't quite ready to play) all morning until it was time for her nap. When she woke from her nap, she immediately ran to the apartment door to track down the girls and whimpered and whined and cried when I told her they had left. We are thrilled that soon there will be two more grandchildren on the Pugmire side come November.
 These pictures with Addie and Ellie kill me. Addie is such a tiny little whipper snapper. She looks like Ellie's coach running alongside her. And can I say how much I love that innate motherly instinct of little girls? How is it that a six year wants to nurture and take care of a little one? When I went downstairs the other day to check on Ellie these older Pugmire cousins were in dress-up clothes with pillows stuck underneath to make a pregnant belly. Natural born mothers.
And back at home in Utah last month, Ellie fell fast and hard in love with those Baum cousins. Her oldest cousin, Montana, basically took on the role of mother over Ellie for the three weeks we were there. When BJ and I were in Lake Powell we'd see pictures of our baby on instagram hiking to Payson lakes and playing in the backyard with captions like, "She likes me more than her own parents!" Ellie LOVED Tana but I don't know if I'm ready to go that far. ;) 
What a blessing that little Ellie will get to grow up with all these darling, sweet, and good children to be her best friends.


  1. So sweet Elle! Cousins are the best. Tate talks about and misses them everyday.

  2. That picture in the bathtub is magical! I can't believe you captured that. Can I please have a copy? (Katie. Not Jason.)