August 29, 2012

Lake Powell 2012

BJ and I were able to go to Lake Powell this year with his family, baby-free. This year was our third time going out of the five years we've been together. (The first year being the day after we got engaged.) It was wonderful to be there together without a worry of Ellie's sleep schedules, safety, and sun burns. It was a nice romance refresher, and Ellie had a blast at home with my mom, dad, sisters, brothers-in-law, brother, nieces and nephews. They were even featured in the Daily Herald newspaper while we were away! 
The greatest benefits of the trip, besides a sun-tan, vacation time with family, the ever-gorgeous Lake Powell scenery, and the valuable alone time spent with my husband, were a couple subtle, yet strong confirmations I had that I, indeed, have grown to become very comfortable, secure, and confident in my role as mother.
Here's a few photos from our trip...

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  1. I'm in heaven with all these new posts!! Tater, Kenne and I just enjoyed all your updates. Good job, beautiful!!!