July 19, 2012

A Couple Days Back

My family is all gathered together at my parent's home in Utah, and we're having such a great time. We have 18 people sleeping, showering, playing, eating, and trying to figure out where to store all our clothes, cosmetics, and baby diapers in one house. Tomorrow BJ comes and we'll add one more person to the army. Being together in the summertime, hanging out in the yard all night, and exercising in the morning with my mom and sisters is idyllic. I'm blown away at how much the grandchildren love each other. I was sure that each child might take a ten-minute turn with Ellie each day, and then run off and do things that they considered a little more fun, but Tana, Kennedy, Tatum, Ashton, Halle, Gray, Nash, Jude, and Tate cannot seem to get enough of her. They play and hold, feed and bathe, teach, snuggle, comfort, and read with her. 
BJ and I are leaving to Lake Powell for 4 days next week WITHOUT Ellie, and the nearer it gets, the more terrified I become. I am so nervous to leave my little girl. I think my heart is gonna break a little each day when I call my mom from the middle of the lake and listen to her recount the details of my baby's day. One thing is for certain: she will be loved. She will be loved well. And I will be lovin' her all the way from Page, Arizona, right along with my blonde, freckle-faced husband.
Here are some photos of our front yard sword fight the other day...

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