May 8, 2012

Sometimes We Go Out At Night

BJ and I are pretty easy-going people, and now that we have a baby, we're especially happy to hang out at home, eat a good meal, watch re-runs of The Office, and go to sleep early. I guess, in a way, having a baby has taken the wind out of our sails, but to be honest, it's just easier to stay at home at night. Last Friday night however, we finally consented to join Tanner and Megan for some afternoon beach time, and  a bonfire at Corona Del Mar in the evening. We had a great time, and even though we got home at 9:15, we still felt like we had had a pretty wild night. :)
First we played at Newport Beach...
This was Ellie before the large, unexpected wave came up and drenched us both.
And then we went to Corona Del Mar...
We roasted hotdogs...
I think this picture is funny because Ellie and I are making the same face...
And we made s'mores, but you already saw those awesome photos. (I LOVE this one. BJ looks like the 8 year-old version of himself, while Ellie tries desperately to get a bite. Oh, I love it.)
I cooked marshmallows for me, Megan, and BJ, and somehow mine were perfectly golden, and Megan's and BJ's were charred.
 I thought I was concentrating hard enough. Turns out mallow roasting is a finicky business.
Ellie is OBSESSED with birds. We take her outside every morning and evening to bird watch. She can  even distinguish their chirping when we're inside. If she sees or hears anything that has to do with a bird, she shoots an arm in the air, says "ba, ba" in a breathy, excited voice, and her eyes get big and her mouth makes a teeny "o". (See above picture ^ -everything but the mouth in an "o".)
Thanks Tan and Meg, it was a sandy, fun-filled night.


  1. how good are smores!! and even better to have them on the beach! so lucky!! you are so beautiful and i love little ellie!! she is the cutest thing ever!!! love all your cute pics.

  2. Hey, I hope this isn't weird-but I love your blog! I'm from BJ's ward, and am friends with Shalice. I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog! :) Emily (Sherwood-Waddoups)