May 5, 2012


Ellie says "hi" all day long. It's the one word she can say perfectly clear besides mama and dada, so she uses it for everything. She says it when she's happy and she sees someone she knows. She says it to birds, dogs, and the fishies next door. She says "hi" to her toys. She says it while I'm changing her diaper. She repeats it over and over again as she pulls on my leg and cries while I make dinner. She says it when she's eating, and she even waves when "hi" can't be uttered while she nurses. I love this girl, and to her I say, "hi."


  1. love this stage! She is so sweet. I wish Tate would hold still enough to get cute pictures of him. Everything always turns out blurry!

  2. haha this is darling.

  3. That's so cute!! Asher's favorite is "no" but it's not in a cranky way. He sings it all day long. It cracks me up that she waves when she nurses, Asher chooses to clap his hands! Such a fun stage!