April 15, 2012

A Few of My Favorites

Ellie loves to say the word "hi." She says it over and over again all day long. She waves her little hand and is proud that she can finally communicate. She is all business. She is a busy girl with places to go. She's an expert walker and is determined to speed her walking along. She'll be running any day now. She likes to get into things and chew on everything she touches. She loves to have us read to her and throughout the day she's dragging books to anyone that'll consent. She loves dogs and birds. She loves food. The other night she ate meatballs with pumpkin curry sauce and the night before that she ate gazpacho. It's turning out that her palate is ahead of her years. (Or months.) She loves the neighbor's koi pond and we go over to see the fishies nearly every day. She loves to be outside and the downpour we experienced on Thursday had us both at our wit's end.
I never expected to love each new stage so much. The older she gets the more adorable she seems to be to me. I love to make her laugh. When she does a deep, whole belly laugh I think that there are few things in the world that are better. I love her little voice. It kills me when she babbles loudly in church. It sounds so cute I don't want to tell her to stop. I love her round belly and sway back- just like mine when I was a girl.
She knows how to point and give a high five. She makes the sound of a monkey. She loves when BJ chases her and makes scary growling noises. She loves my vibrating toothbrush so much that I finally bought her her own so that I can get through my two minutes of toothbrushing without being interrupted. She nurses 2-3 times a day. She sleeps about 12 and a 1/2 hours each night, and usually takes two naps in the day.

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  1. I love this! Like we just got a piece of her. Thanks, Mom