April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend- Part Two

Sunday morning we spent together with an Easter lesson, song, and prayer. We ate velvet crumb cake- a Pugmire family favorite for breakfast, and then went to church together. As Easter morning should be, it was bright, and sunny, and filled with springtime beauty. After church we went to take a family picture. It wasn't difficult to find a gorgeous backdrop.
Ellie with her uncle Aaron (who she loves) and her Pugmire cousins.
Getting ready for the family picture...
I love my little family. I can't wait for it to grow.
Ellie's first Easter was a success. I'm still buzzing from this weekend. It was such a happy one.


  1. Oh Ellie is just to die for. She is such a sweet little girl and you two are just perfect with each other! You look so beautiful! Thank you for that workout site! WOW! She is in amazing shape!! THANK YOU! I am always looking for a change. xoxo

  2. my oh my lady! i love these photos!!!

    you've got just the eye!