March 12, 2012

Photographs and Feelings

Life keeps getting more and more comfortable and enjoyable for me here in California. I'm beginning to fall in love with Yorba Linda, and the idea of moving away from here to another city one day makes me sad. Yorba Linda is a very family-friendly, conservative, down-to-earth place to live. People are religious and kind- not uppity and materialistic. I guess that's why it's called the, "land of gracious living".
Maybe it's just that I've been here for long enough now that it's starting to feel like home, and I feel comfortable here driving around town, borrowing books from the library, going to my favorite stores, and spending mornings and afternoons in the different parks. I know that feeling "at home" in a new place takes time, and I'll eventually have that security wherever we finally settle. But I'm grateful to be settling in here, to be gradually (and gratefully,) accepting our new home.
(Yorba Regional Park- where Ellie and I walk and spot ducks, squirrels, and doggies multiple times a week.)

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