February 16, 2012

A few matters of business

Item #1:
Ellie took her first steps on her own yesterday. She did it once in the morning and twice at night, about 4-5 steps each time. I clapped and yelled so hard the first time I saw it I practically scared her to death. She cried and I held her- proud as could be of my little baby.
Item #2:
Ellie is going to be nine months old on Sunday. 
nine months old!!!

When did this happen? How did my little baby grow so fast?
Item #3:
I saw The Vow last night and was sorely disappointed. Rachel, my favorite actress, you really let me down.
Item #4:
Babysitting went well, except for the fact that Ellie could not sleep that night. It was probably the worst night of sleep I've ever had- including when Ellie was a newborn and my milk came in and I had to wake up every two hours to pump and nurse. Seriously, I think this night was worse. But the other kids were great. It made me think about how Ellie could really use a sibling or two.
Item #5:
Ellie's jelly shoes finally fit. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

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  1. she walked??? way to go ellie! thats early too!