October 28, 2011

Real Food Revisited: Day 5

It's hard to cook with a baby in arms. Navigating a knife, a hot stovetop and a hot oven too are dangerous when Ellie is hiked up on my left hip- convincing my left arm that indeed, at any moment now, it will fall off.  I cut my foot today on broken glass because I didn't have two hands- or one for that matter- to catch the falling salt shaker. And now here I am, dressed up as a cowgirl, cut foot crammed into a leather cowboy boot, typing with ONE hand. Out of necessity, you learn to become very creative when you're a mother.
Breakfast: quinoa with coconut, dates, bananas, pomegranate seeds, almonds, honey and milk.
Lunch: Pasta with carmelized tomatoes and meyer lemon olive oil.
Snack: green apple
Dinner: sweet Halloween chili with sauteed peppers, a baked potato, and cornbread.
We're headed to our first Halloween party tonight. I'm not gonna tell you what Ellie's gonna be, but I will say that it's very California appropriate. And naturally, very adorable

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