October 8, 2011

Looks Like a Saturday Morning to Me

One of my favorite things about staying home with my baby girl is that I no longer have days of the week discrimination. I used to despise Mondays. As a result, Sunday nights were bittersweet as well. Thursdays were exciting because the weekend was around the corner. But when Saturday morning rolled around I felt my precious free time quickly slipping through my fingers. Now, every day of the week (except Sundays) are one in the same. I'm at liberty to do with each day what I will- to some extent.
Two nights ago Ellie was NOT sleeping well, and when the early morning rolled around she was not content to lie around anymore. I had to get up and get that girl out of bed. We ended up on the couch, and I... gulp... forced my four and a half month old daughter to watch t.v.!!! There was a channel specifically for babies and it sucked her right in. The joke was on me though. Even though the t.v. was completely occupying Ellie's attention I couldn't relax and rest because I was getting too much of a kick out of her. 

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