October 6, 2011

Let Me Inform You- Yorba Linda Style

Did you know this about Yorba Linda, California?
-Richard Nixon was born here.
-It's where Beejer and Me and Ellie Layne live.
-Its alias is "Land of Gracious Living"
-It was ranked 21st among the best places to live according to CNN.
-The month that BJ & I got married (Nov. 2008) natural fires destroyed 113 homes, & damaged 50.
-BJ's parent's back and front yards were burned without any damage to the home itself. (They do not live in one of these waterfront homes. :)
-The yearly average temperature is 63 degrees fahrenheit. 
-Yorba Linda does not have its own police department. We borrow from Brea.
-BJ would happily live here for the rest of his life. (I would too.)
and last but not least...
-The median home cost in Yorba Linda, California is $624,400 so we will have a nearly impossible time sticking around. Thanks to Kim and JaLayne for providing the nicest and freest apartment we will ever live in.


  1. feels like salt in a wound looking at this post!.....but we are happy you guys are happy and enjoying that beauty.

  2. ha ha. em. I love you. no offense intended!