October 22, 2011

I Heart Balboa Island Part 1

Sigh. I am in love. On Thursday us Pugmire women road a four person bike- with baby in tow- around Balboa Island. I've always loved cottages, and hoped to live in one. But cottages in Newport, California? La creme da la creme people. That means the best of the best. You can't get better than that.
Naturally, the price tags of said cottages are not as charming as their facades. But none the less- I am beginning my prayers right now that the Mr. BJ Pugmire family will one day reside on Balboa Island.
Photos of cottages not included- note the title... another post to come.
(Ellie loves to suck on Dani Bree's 1/2 thumb. Confused? Go here.)
Stay tuned to see the sights that we saw while on this beauty. Trust me, you're not gonna wanna miss it.
This morning we'll be catching up with the rest of the blogosphere as we venture over to Apple Country and then tonight head to a pumpkin patch. I've gotta tell ya, it doesn't feel much like fall here in California. But it does feel pretty nice.

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  1. I see Ruby's in the background and I desperately need some. Oh boy!