October 8, 2011

Friday! Friday!

Friday we celebrated Rikki Lynn's 25th birthday with her at Cheesecake Factory. She is gorgeous and about the sweetest person you'll ever meet. She pampered BJ throughout highschool and college before I came along to take care of him. She made his egg sandwiches, cheered him at his soccer games, and let him drive her nice big truck.  
Now she's turned her love and care to baby Ellie. She bought her a darling outfit that we dolled her up in every time we had somewhere important to go. Her grandma made Ellie a handmade blanket, and wore a "Stand with Mitt Romney" shirt last night. In basically every way,  we love Rikki and her family. 
The delicious dinner (beets with goat cheese and avocado eggrolls,) the decadent birthday cake, and the delightful company made for a fabulous Friday night.
I look like a very vain mother in this picture covering Ellie's face like that. Woops.

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