October 21, 2011

Another Reason I Love My Church

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I am so glad that I am.
Let me tell you why... (Besides the fact that it's Christ's true church.)
This week I prepared a talk and spoke on Sunday. On Wednesday I watched 20 teenage girls perform a dance that I choreographed for them. And tonight I taught 25 older women how to cook 5 holiday breakfast items. All these things I did for my church.
You might be thinking. "Give me a break. All that responsibility sounds like a nightmare!" 
To which I would reply, "Really, it was quite the opposite."
I love this church because it pushes you. It gives you opportunities to develop talents you most likely wouldn't have discovered otherwise. And it teaches you skills you'd be hard pressed to learn anywhere else.
Tonight as I taught women how to cook, other women taught ladies how to sew, how to bake rolls from scratch, how to make furry blankets, how to make teacup candles, how to make festive holiday plates, and more. 
This church has given me opportunities not only to speak and teach in public, but to gain confidence in my ability to speak and teach in public. In this church I have learned how to use a compass, cross stitch,    make a quilt, do family history, lead music, sing with a choir, dress to complement my skin tone, make butter, bake food in a cardboard box, line dance, pull a handcart, and a whole lot more.  
I love this church.
(Insert random photo so this is not an entirely colorless post.)
Sometimes assignments like these can be overwhelming and can seem insignificant and tedious at the time. But this church produces some seriously talented people, and I know it is largely due to the opportunities it gives to its members. Tonight I was entrusted to prepare recipes and ideas that would inspire and motivate women to cook. And I had to motivate women that have been cooking all their lives. They already know all the tricks of the trade. But somehow, with a ton of brainstorming and teamwork with my friend (I didn't do this alone. love you Megs,) and a whole lot of a prayer that we would pull it off... We did it!
The women were inspired. The women were motivated. We had fun. The food was delicious, and now here I am, confident in my abilities and more anxious and excited than ever to cook for years and years for my family. 
I love this church. I always have. And I always will.

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