September 21, 2011


You could here the keys clacking from any room in the house when that dreaded day rolled around each month. My mom would sit at the kitchen bar with an industrial sized calculator that printed as it went (typewriter style,) surrounded by piles and piles of bills as she balanced the checkbook. I hated that day. Always. I hated it because my mom hated it, and I'd find the old adage ringing true,
"If mama ain't happy- ain't nobody happy."
Well today was bill day over here at the Pugmire apartment. Somehow though, I managed to work my way through it without too much grief. I actually felt satisfied as I sifted through each paper, labeling them as I went: paid online 9-21-11, paid by mail 9-21-11, etc. Ellie must have caught my satisfaction in the air, cause she looked pretty pleased to me.
  It was a day for dish-washing and park walking,
and bathing in two sinks.
It was a day for a crumb cake breakfast, and a frozen yogurt dinner. 
Friday will be a day to return to Utah... and I can't wait.

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  1. Hi! We haven't met, but I so wish we had in our Provo days. I'm good friends with Megs and Tan and that's where I found your blog. Your posts are so inspiring, I love reading them. I hope one day we can meet and maybe our girls will be friends when they go to BYU:).