August 19, 2011


BJ and I are bewildered. How on earth, in our short time together, have we acquired so much STUFF? We have also been baffled, day after day, at how long it takes to pack. . . then at how long it takes to clean. . . next we'll be shocked at how long it takes to drive across the western United States. . . and then again at how long it takes to unpack and organize all our STUFF. And then of course there's the possibility that we may be relocating to northern California after a month or two. It is all so. . . fun?
Finally, after several hours of packing and cleaning, we were rewarded some sweet relief. Tonight was Kyle and Breanna's wedding dinner and it couldn't have come at a better time. We enjoyed pizzeria 712 catered in the park, great friends, pretty decorations, and of course. . . one adorable baby.

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