August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

 Today at noon I turned twenty-four years old. I say with complete conviction that my twenty-third year of life was the very very best. BJ and I had so much fun together last August in California. My third year of teaching was definitely my best. I loved my pregnancy. I learned a lot directing at Center Stage. And then the little one came to us and changed our lives forever.

Beej asked me last night what I wanted for 
breakfast so he could bring it to me in bed. 
I told him that I wanted to him to accompany 
me on a long walk up the canyon instead. 
This morning we slept in, grabbed a jamba juice,
 and walked for an hour up past Bridal Veil Falls.
 If only it was my birthday more often so BJ 
would happily join me on my walks like 
he did today. We talked the entire way.

At 1 we went to lunch at j-dogs (A local joint that sells hot dogs exclusively.) This is my latest obsession. I seriously can't get enough. The picture does not do my polish dog justice.

Time to hang out...

My mom, sister, and nieces worked hard to provide my desired dinner menu:
veggie burritos
sweet potato fries
corn on the cob
and homemade oreos.

We ate on the deck and the entire experience was delicious.

It couldn't have been a better day.


  1. happy birthday ellery!! looks like it was a good one :) we still need to meet your little lady...and introduce you to ours as well!

  2. that looked like the most perfect birthday! low key and packed with lots of good things! can't wait till we see you guys...mostly Ellie!

  3. I couldn't help but say Happy Birthday! Your little family is so beautiful and I wish you all the best. xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday! It looks like it was fabulous and you look beautiful.

  5. Happy Birthday Elle, you look beautiful!!!