August 9, 2011

Focusing on the Bitter

BJ and I are moving to California very soon. He has a few different job possibilities down there and we're biting the bullet and relocating. While I am very excited about California and the plethora of wonderful things it has to offer, I can't help my nostalgia from setting in every now and then. There are so many things I love about Utah.
First and foremost, that it is my home. I have lived here 21 out of the 24 years of my life. My childhood home and my parents are here, so naturally a portion of my heart is here as well.

Autumn. Come October my heart longs be in Provo Canyon drinking in the beauty of the colored leaves and crisp fall air. Fall in Utah is my favorite season hands down. Fall in California and Arizona just feels like an extra long summer.

Our first home. BJ and I had such a great first apartment. We spent two and a half years together with just the two of us, and three months with the lovely new addition. 360 E. 1420 S. was a perfect place to start our little family.

My friends. Although I don't see them much but I love 'em all. And being ten hours away will only ensure that I see them less. I'll miss them. I wish I had more photos to include all I'm thinking of.

My spectacular walks will continue on, and I'm sure I will find scenery I love, but undoubtedly I will miss my Utah surroundings.
California will be terrific, but I will never forget you Utah.


  1. its so hard... just make lots of utah visits!

  2. good luck with your move elle. i don't think i could ever leave utah. i bet your mom is going to die not having that grandbaby close by. you will have to make lots of visits.