July 9, 2011

Through My Fingers

I cried yesterday as I held Ellie in my arms... she's growing up too fast. I want her to be my baby forever. I'm sad that I won't always be able to hold her in my arms and feel her body melt into mine. The time moves too quickly, and pretty soon she's not gonna be tiny anymore. I love her cooing. I love her enormous efforts to smile. I love her just like she is... my little bitty baby.

Yesterday my emotions ran high and it may have been because I got back all my pictures from the day Ellie was born as well as her newborn photos, or the fact that I was running on 5 augmented hours of sleep. Either way, I began to feel compelled to document Ellie's birth on the blog. Keep your eyes peeled, a birth story is soon to come.

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