June 1, 2011


My dear friend Kim Boldt has done an unbelievable job photographing my:
pregnancy, delivery, and newborn baby.
She is an incredible photographer and is beyond enjoyable to share these experiences with.
I am so grateful to have this monumental time in my life documented so beautifully.
If you are interested in using Kim, contact me by leaving a comment.


  1. Congratulations Elle! She is so precious!

  2. That picture is precious! I love her!

  3. She is so cute!! I cannot wait to meet her this weekend. Love you guys.

  4. She is so precious Ellery! You look like you love being a mommy :) keep posting pictures!

  5. WHAT A BEAUTY!!! She is absolutely perfect. I have loved checking out all your latest pics with you and BJ and your little gal. I love seeing you treasure each moment... it really is a miracle. Parenting is definitely the hardest but most rewarding experience. And you guys are already such wonderful parents. I can't wait to meet her in person and see you guys.

    PS. Jayne has that same Saranoni blanket.. it is her #1 blanket and she loves it. So soft and cuddly.
    PPS. You look amazing. There is no way you just had a baby. Stop it.

    Love you guys!!