April 25, 2011


Even though my church starts at 12:30 and I didn't get out the door to leave til 12:35 yesterday,
I knew I had to walk as soon as I saw this.
 The weather was kind to us, just the way it should be on Easter. 
The blossoms around here have me feeling like a kid on Christmas eve. Every day I gasp and smile as I drive around in my car- observing the newly forming buds, the blossoms advancing from puff balls to miniscule leaves, and as each individual tree transforms on its own timetable. Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to see this without a driver's side window obstructing my view, but up close and personal- close enough that I could touch.

Admittedly, I was extremely disappointed yesterday when I walked into the chapel and there WERE NOT any flowers on the podium. However, the spirit of the Easter meeting was undeniable and did double duty to make up for the lack of physical beauty inside. I loved hearing the story again of the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is the most significant day in all of history, and how happy I am to know that.
To make up for the flowers that weren't inside the church, I saw my share as I walked slowly back home... breathing in the fresh air that no longer burns your throat and freezes your ears.

I am about 37 weeks along now and feel like I'm riding a rollercoaster. Sometimes I am completely content with the prospect of living for three and a half more weeks with this little girl inside me, and other times I feel like crying because I want so badly for that time to come. I am DONE gaining weight. I repeat- I am DONE gaining weight. I just don't know why my body isn't getting the memo. I'm trying my best to be patient, to enjoy this time, and to continue with a positive attitude. But today when someone at work asked me how I was feeling and I responded with my automatic cheerful, "Good!" I stopped for a minute and thought... three and a half more weeks of telling people I feel good when some of the time I REALLY don't... that's getting old.

Three and a half more weeks of a fatigued body that still has to get up at 6 am. Three and a half more weeks of jumping around with school kids all day long. Three and a half more weeks of more weight, more stretching, and more stomach. Three and a half more weeks til I can lay on my back and stomach. And three and a half more weeks til I meet my baby girl.
Three and a half weeks Ellie Layne... that's all you've got.
You hear me?


  1. FYI- Lucy came 3 weeks and 1 day early, and I was still working out the details. Fortunately for you, you are fantastically organized and ready. Perhaps she will grace your family a little early. . :)But if not, enjoy the time that you have with her contained.

  2. hahaha. thanks for the encouragement. much love!

  3. ohh you look stunning Elle! seriously! i can't wait to meet this baby girl!