April 1, 2011


Isn't it strange how the things that bring us the most joy in life are the very things that make our heads spin with frustration, our gut wrench in nervousness, and our patience cling to any ounce of composure we have left to muster?
I have such a complex relationship with my job. 
Sometimes I really, really don't like my job. -And it's not so much the actual time being here that I don't like- it's the fact that day after day, week after week, I have people depending on me to be here: teaching, smiling, dancing, inspiring, and finding ways to love each and every second of it.
Are there moments of it that I love?
For sure.
Are there moments of it that make me wanna curl up under my sheets and not leave home?
Most definitely.
But today I was blessed in my teaching. I was blessed today because I can truthfully say that I loved every moment. I was able to see my students today. I was able to appreciate their enthusiasm and sky-high expectations of me. I was able to love moving my pregnant body with them and understand that sometimes when it feels like I'm about to pee my pants, it's really just the weight and awkward positioning of this wonderful darling inside of me.
Today was brilliant.
The reality is... there are days that are inspiring and gorgeous, and there are days that just plain suck.
The beauty is, everything comes around eventually- bad moods are healed by a good night's sleep, annoyances can be resolved, and if we let ourselves, our hearts can be filled with so much love. Today, all three of those things happened to me. Today I feel like the sunshine.
And now for a mug shot of the child who swiped his face across my belly TWICE while I was teaching on Monday. Just like a cat rubbing up against your legs. Talk about an invasion of personal space!
Guilty as can be he is.


  1. Loved peeking in at you at your gorgeous belly today, showing just how glamorous and fun a pregnant lady can be doing stretchy movements, heel toes, and sashays around the room. You are FANTASTIC with those kids--they have no idea how lucky they are to have such a talented and genuine artist like yourself. Like, using you as a scratching post. Don't worry, they will see it someday.

  2. Ellery Janae! I miss you! Just wanted to let you know via blogging.