March 3, 2011


Today my thoughts have been unrelated- randomly bouncing from one place to another. I don't feel unusually inspired or uninspired, just content to walk through another day.
My thoughts haven't rested anywhere in particular, although my most frequently visited daydreaming destination today is here---my blog.
I wish I could take every ounce of good, every source of inspiration and beauty that so generously fills my life and share it with you. I wish I could help you see the world through rose-colored gratitude glasses so you'd know too that finding joy in life is by making your joy, seeing the good, and realizing that any small beauty you create is making the world (even if just your world) a happier place.You, no doubt, would then find this blog meaningful, energizing, and uplifting. I wish I could muster up the genius that my favorite authors possess so that you'd come back each day hungry to find meaning in the words I had written. That's what I dream this blog may one day become. As it says in the title up top, "For All Things Bright and Beautiful..." That's what this place is meant to be. A place to find beauty in its simplest of forms: in the home, in relationships, and even in the daily drudgery of work and real life. If this blog, this "Beejer and Me" location can bring any beauty or fulfillment to you; I've done what I set out to do.


  1. I just want you to know. . I LOVE your blog. I feel a bit stalker-y because I am always checking to see if you have posted. But I hope you know that it truly stirs inspiring momentum within me. I love how you enjoy each tender moment for the good and the bad. I always want to be a better me after reading it, so I hope you keep them comin'!

  2. Danelle,
    Thank you so much. That really means a lot. I had such a wonderful time working with you. I loved our handful of long conversations we had last year. I consider you such a sweet friend, even in spite of our limited time together. I hope you're doing terrifically.